GreenNYCHA and NYCHA Journal Spotlight Their Resident Gardeners

A couple months ago, I wrote a post recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the New York City Housing Authority’s Garden and Greening Program. Ever since then, I’ve been a regular visitor to the NYCHA website, and I make sure to peruse the NYCHA Journal each month to see what’s new. One thing that has impressed me is the consistent attention the Housing Authority gives to its resident gardeners. Every month, beginning back in March, the Journal has highlighted a different accomplishment made by their urban gardening community. These New Yorkers are ambitious and dedicated – ideal role models for urban gardeners everywhere.

As part of the NYCHA Garden and Greening Program‘s 50th Anniversary celebration, the NYCHA Journal has begun a series of articles profiling especially accomplished resident gardeners, and GreenNYCHA,  home of the Housing Authority’s Resident Green Committees (RGCs), has paid tribute to these figures as well. I think the ladies profiled so far are a great inspiration and deserve all the credit they’ve been given and more, so I wanted to send them kudos here on UrbanGardensNYC as well.

Marian Dolphus started her garden at South Jamaica Houses in Queens as a way to grow herbs and vegetables to feed her sons. Now has won more than 100 trophies over the years, competing NYCHA’s Garden and Greening Competition since 1975.


South Jamaica Houses in Queens is lucky to have this cheerful garden maintained by Marian Dolphus

Barbara Ward, who has lived on Staten Island long enough to remember the farms that used to flourish there, keeps the memories alive at NYCHA’s New Lane Shores by tending vegetables, flowers, and other plants in spring, summer, and fall.


NYCHA Resident Gardener Barbara Ward tends her garden at New Lane Shores on Staten Island

At Grant Houses in Manhattan, Eleanor Jordan won prizes in 2008 and 2009 for her children’s theme gardens. Retired from the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), she spices up the garden at her development with a wide variety of of plants, including elephant ears, lilies, pansies, diathesis, gardenias, geraniums, and hydrangeas – just to name a few.


Variety is the spice of life for Grant Houses’ resident gardener, Eleanor Jordan

You can read more about these ladies and about what’s happening in the NYCHA gardening community on the GreenNYCHA News page, the NYCHA Journal, or on NYCHA’s Garden and Greening Program webpage.


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