World’s Largest Rooftop Farm comes to NYC

So there is big news for all of us who love urban gardening, especially rooftop farms. This past March BrightFarms, Inc. announced that it will construct the largest rooftop garden in the world. And where is this massive project being built? In the heart of a giant metropolis; New York City’s Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

Now this is no regular rooftop garden; this is a cutting edge hydroponic farm. Now as many of you can guess growing a farm on top of a roof is heavy; and the heaviest piece of the puzzle is the soil. Hydroponics is a wonderful new technology that uses special mineral rich water to eliminate the need for soil. That’s right; a farm without any dirt!

Hydroponic gardening – courtesy of BrightFarms


So by using this amazing hydroponic system the largest rooftop garden in the world will supply over 5,000 New Yorkers with fresh vegetables. That is over 1 million pounds of produce every year! The vegetables will be fresher than produce that is shipped into the city and it will leave a smaller carbon footprint. BrightFarms also estimates that over 1.8 million gallons of rainwater can be captured rather than watching it wash down local drains.

Yet another great aspect to this project is the utilization of an old, decaying building. The farm will be on the roof of Federal Building #2, a long forgotten waterfront property. Too often people forget that reusing and revitalizing is a great alternative to new construction when it comes to “building green.”

Seeing local farming in a city that might be considered the one of the least farm friendly places is such a step in the right direction. Projects like this help communities by providing delicious, local produce to enrich everyone’s health and well-being.  Comment and share if you agree!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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One Response to World’s Largest Rooftop Farm comes to NYC

  1. Manager says:

    Wesley, NIce blog! Bright Farms is penetrating the supermarket chains meaning they will get more and more contracts with same to build gardens so that the chains can always stock “local” items. The question is what that would do to their current produce suppliers…Best to you!

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