3 DIY Vertical Gardens

We’ve talked about space before—or the lack thereof. Particularly for urban gardeners, space can be an issue. And though we’d all love to have a half-acre backyard (or more) to work with, that’s just not a reality for most city-dwellers. It might seem impossible to have a garden in such a tight environment, but we know better. Living in a city just means you have to be more creative, innovative, and unique in your gardening!


Vertical gardening is perhaps the single best tactic when it comes to saving space. There are a ton of ideas for DIY gardeners on blogs and websites like Pinterest. Here are three super easy ways to make a vertical garden for your home, balcony, or yard:


1.    Shoe Rack Herb Garden: Herbs might just be the most annoying thing to buy fresh. They always come in such huge quantities, so when you DO remember to pick them up, you’ve got way too much. But half the time we just forget completely about them until dinner’s halfway done already. If this describes you, consider making an herb garden out of a hanging shoe rack—it’s easy, cheap, and space efficient. Check out the DIY tutorial here!2.    Vertical Wall Planter: All told, you need five things to make this happen: treated lattice, “s” hooks, wood finish, galvanized planters, and plants. The blog, “Cape 27,” describes how to put the entire thing together. It’s easy and attractive and can be put inside or out—wherever you have space to hang it.
3.    Pipe Planter: We hadn’t seen these before, but they’re incredibly cool. Using a PVC pipe with holes drilled in it, you can easily create a vertical planter that will look incredibly organic with plants poking out of the top and sides.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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