AeroGarden For Urban Gardeners

There’s an interesting gardening device in the market—it’s called the AeroGarden Ultra, and it’s truly the definition of minimalist gardening. The high-tech device has seven self-contained gardening units that are soilless and self-monitoring. Gardeners fill up a reservoir with water and nutrients every once in a while, and the system takes care of the rest—including providing a light source for 18 hours per day.

The system is aimed at those who are short on space (urban gardeners), those who want to garden but haven’t had any luck, and those who might not have much extra time to spend on a garden. We’ve got mixed feelings about this gardening system—it’s almost completely autonomous and doesn’t necessitate most of the care that traditionally goes into growing a garden, but it’s also a clean, “fool proof” way to get more people gardening.

The newest model of AeroGarden, the “Ultra,” has a larger reservoir than past models, an LCD control panel and screen for programming functionalities, a light scheduler, and a chirping alarm that tells you when it needs attention. It certainly eliminates the problem of over-caring and over-watering that is a common killer of houseplants.

With a $250 price tag, the AeroGarden seems more like a luxury gardening item for those who can afford it. Depending on how successfully plants grow, it may or may not save money on produce. One benefit is that plants continue re-spawning over and over again, providing quite a bit of output. One thing’s for sure: if it works as advertised, it’s certainly a hassle-free way to garden and grow your own produce. But for those of us who like the “hassle,” getting down in the dirt might still be the best option.



About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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