NYCHA Grows with its Gardeners

Are you an experienced gardener? Are you interested in learning how to become an urban gardener? Gardening doesn’t have to be hard, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. Having someone to show you the ropes makes learning an easier and more enriching experience. But where can you find the help you need?


On Friday, March 15th, the New York City Housing Authority’s Gardening & Greening Program will present the “NYCHA Grows with its Gardeners” Conference. The conference, which will be held at the Johnson Houses Community Center in East Harlem, will offer on-hand services from more than 30 community organizations, non-profits, and local government agencies.


NYCHA residents interested in attending this gardening conference can RSVP by calling 212-306-3511. This will be an excellent opportunity for both beginning and experienced gardeners to get support for their gardening practices, acquire seeds and other planting materials, find written information on gardening, and attend educational and interactive workshops.


Workshops will include Soils and Improving Soil Quality, Starting From Seeds, Garden Planning, Canning Your Own Vegetables, and How to Attract Butterflies—among others. The conference will run from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 15th.


NYCHA Grows with its Gardeners is exclusive to NYCHA residents, and will be the perfect opportunity to get involved in the green scene. Gardening, whether it is the simple creation of a green space or growing our own food, helps reduce our carbon footprint and promotes environmental sustainability.


“It speaks to your desire to meet the challenge and to reduce your and NYCHA’s carbon footprint, reverse climate change, reduce and conserve NYCHA’s energy and other utilities, and preserve public housing,” says NYCHA Environmental Commissioner Margarita Lopez. If we all lived a little greener, imagine the difference we could make.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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