NYCHA Arbor House Will Grow Own Food

The Bronx is welcoming the newly completed Arbor House to the neighborhood. Located at 770 East 166th Street at Tinton Avenue, NYCHA’s Arbor House is a part of the Morrisania community. It is 8 stories high and includes 120,000 square feet of affordable living space—124 units total.


But what makes Arbor House different from any other affordable housing development is one of its innovative add-ons: a hydroponic farm on the roof. Fresh, organic produce will be grown right on top of the building, providing a new food resource for the local community.


Sky Vegetables is a company based out of Boston that specializes in urban gardening—particularly when it comes to farming. They will operate the new rooftop garden and will oversee a Community Supported Agriculture arrangement, which gives residents the opportunity to purchase shares of the garden’s produce. Local schools, hospitals, and markets will receive about 40% of the sky farm’s produce.


“Sky Vegetables is proud to partner with Blue Sea Development and city and state agencies to build one of the most forward and innovative projects in the nation,” said the president of Sky Vegetables, Robert Fireman. “Our commercial hydroponic greenhouse on the roof of this most green and environmental sound, affordable housing development will provide this community with fresh, local, chemical free, nutritious herbs, fruits and vegetables twelve months a year, and create a national model for sustainable food production.”


Indeed, this framework of creating a more environmentally sound and sustainable community falls right inside the bounds of what NYCHA has been trying to do in recent years through initiatives like Green NYCHA and Plan NYCHA—make better, stronger communities.


“Together we have accomplished so much to enhance our communities and support NYCHA’s families,” said John B Rhea, NYCHA Chairman. “Our progress is significant, but our work is ongoing.”


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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