The Wall that Succulents Built: A Creative D.I.Y. Gardening Project


Garden succulents are hardy and resilient.
Image: Shutterstock

Maybe you haven’t been won over by succulents quite yet. Sturdier than delicate flower varietals, succulents typically have fleshy leaves, are easy to take care of, and come in a multitude of different colors and shapes. Better Homes and Gardens claims that succulents are always in season, and these simple, strong plants are achieving a growing popularity among people who enjoy their aesthetic, as well as their resilience in different conditions.

A great trend in gardening right now is planting flowers vertically, creating upright gardens that can transform any space, especially in an urban setting. One way to follow this trend using succulents is by repurposing engineering bricks (the ones with small holes in them) into a wall along your garden or fence, filling the holes with succulents.

Here’s how to get started on your own succulent brick wall:

Engineering bricks have three to ten holes in them--perfect for planting succulents!

Engineering bricks have three to ten holes in them–perfect for planting succulents!

•Gather enough engineering bricks to create your desired wall size. Some of these bricks may have more holes than others, and a miss-matched look can add a contemporary feel to your vertical garden.

•Next, collect whatever succulents you like. It will be easier to begin this project using clippings rather than buying new, so if you already have succulents growing in your garden you can take clippings from those.

•Now, place your brick holes in a baking pan with about a half-inch of water at the bottom. Fill the holes with soil and arrange your succulents in the holes. For best results, mix regular potting soil with cactus soil.

•Let the newly planted succulents acclimate to their brick hole planter by letting them rest for a few days before assembling your wall.

Succulent Brick Wall Credit: Belathee

Succulent Brick Wall
Credit: Belathee

•Lastly, find a place to construct your brick wall. Once the succulents are ready (and they will be ready – remember, these plants acclimate quite easily) construct your wall by stacking the bricks on top of each other.

Voila! Your succulent wall is complete!

For more information on varieties of succulents and how to grow them, check out Better Homes and Gardens’ Top 10 Succulent Plants for Your Home.


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