D.I.Y. Potpourri is the Prettiest Trend in Dried Herbs and Flowers


Dried Flowers
Image by suninthecity via Flickr

With summer upon us, those pastel bouquets of pretty dried flowers can at long last be replaced with full and vibrant arrangements fresh from your garden. Don’t be too quick to toss out those dried blooms though. Instead, try upcycling them into something different, like potpourri. We’re not talking about your Grandma’s potpourri. Modernized, pretty dried herbs and flowers play the same role as a decorative candle, often with a more delicate scent, and you can take pride in your personalized application.

Some scented herbs that can be easily dried and made into potpourri include: rosemary, sage, anise, and parsley. Lavender and mint carry stronger scents, but are still less harsh and artificial than most store-bought candles. Any dried flowers can be used, though rose petals are especially pretty. Using hand-selected flowers and herbs from your garden allows you to control the scent that the dried plants give off in your home. Drying the flowers and herbs is easy, too! Just tie together clusters of stems, and hang them upside down until papery and dry to the touch.


Use glass jars to hold your potpourri.
Image by ruthieonart via Flickr

One way to create your own potpourri is to fill mason jars with dried herbs and flowers, drizzled with just a touch of essential oil. Clear containers like glass jars allow you to see the layers of flower petals and herbs in your potpourri mix. These pretty, antique looking jars take up little space, and can even be put away if you find jars with lids. Using a jar to hold your potpourri also makes a nice gift – just tie a ribbon around the jar and label it with the flowers and herbs inside. Decorative bowls are another fantastic vessel for potpourri, which you can modernize even more by adding other elements, such as colored stones, as seen on the Free People Blog.   

If you have a garden at home, the possibilities are endless for creating potpourri with herbs and flowers. Check out this tutorial for creating your own potpourri, and have fun using your plants in a creative way this summer!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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