Must-Have Gardening Apps

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Image: Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Today, there’s a computer or smart phone application for just about everything. Happily, this fact has allowed for the development of apps designed for avid gardeners and lovers of everything outdoors. Out hiking and unsure if that plant your daughter’s playing next to is as pretty as it is poisonous? Snap a photo of it and allow one of your new apps to let you know! Want to reference information on just about any flower in known existence on the go? Just turn on your phone and download an application that catalogs plant varietals based on any number of criteria.

The possibilities for marrying technology with gardening are literally limitless. Try not to get lost in the sea of applications for gardeners, and instead, start here by checking out a few of these new apps:

Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier. This free application is filled with all kinds of information about plants. Geared towards gardening beginners, this program allows you to take a photo of a plant, and Garden Compass will tell you what it is. This app has over 1,000 pictures, social networking capabilities, and plant shopping tips.

Garden Time Planner. This app is helpful when trying to determine when to plant your herbs and vegetables. Complete with tips about everything from the weather in your area and how it will affect your garden, to the peak times for planting, this free application is great for all gardeners.

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Some apps even remind you to water your flowers.
Image: Lindley Ashline via Flickr

My Garden Lite. Another free application, this program provides you with updates and reminders about watering your garden. This app also provides weekly tips, and allows you to program in all of your different plants, which My Garden Lite keeps track of individually.

These are just three of hundreds of applications about gardening and the outdoors. Some apps can be rather costly, but are known to be totally worth the price tag. For more gardening applications, tips, and reviews, visit AppAdvice’s gardening app guide. Happy gardening!


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