Native Flower Arrangement Tips from a Seasoned Foraging Florist

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Image: Gregory H via Flickr

Emily Thompson of Emily Thompson Flowers in Brooklyn, New York is an artist, and a forager. Inspired by the stunning aesthetics of Vermont’s countryside where she grew up, Thompson’s flower shop provides custom designs for any occasion using the freshest and most beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage. Her designs and arrangements often utilize unconventional materials that evoke the classically trained artist’s fascination with ruin in nature as well as the pure beauty of plants in the wild.

Thompson is known for being able to transform any room for a special event, and has done so for high-profile clients such as the White House and New York Botanical Gardens. Her love of art and nature has allowed her to marry two passions and create a business where she employs her artistic training with an innate love of flora.

Popular gardening blog Gardenista recently chatted with Thompson, and reposted a series of tips from the florist on how to create the most beautiful floral arrangement from native flowers. Here are some of the tips she provides:

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Image: Rachel James via Flickr

For fragile flowers, Thompson urges you to put the stems you’ve cut into water immediately to prevent the blooms from wilting. She also suggests choosing native flowers for their shape and texture of leaves, explaining how “In an arrangement, I like the proportion of flora to foliage to be like it is in nature.” Allowing your arrangement to mimic nature will heighten its decorative effect. Another way to make the arrangement look more natural is to group natives that grow together in the wild.

Thompson also recommends using color sparingly in native floral arrangements. She loves just a touch of boldly colored flowers because they are “more precious,” and really catch your eye by punctuating the arrangement. Similarly, using only three or so materials in each arrangement creates a strong visual, which you can compliment by adding a small, bright touch like a colorful flower to offset the uniformity of the other plants.

For more tips from Emily Thompson to help create your own beautiful arrangement from native flowers, visit Gardenista’s post.

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