A Different Kind of Garden Party

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Image: The Green Gables via Flickr

Your summertime calendar is probably brimming with engagements with friends and family. Backyard cookouts, dinner parties, beach gatherings – all of these celebratory get-togethers are what make summer such a special season. Have you ever considered marrying your love of gardening with an afternoon socializing with dear friends?

This summer, host a flower potluck! A flower potluck is no ordinary garden party. Rather, it’s a chance to share flowers and food with your friends in a creative way. Inviting friends to bring their favorite flowers and a homemade dish will allow everyone to leave full and with a beautiful bouquet for their home.

Here are some steps to help you get started planning your flower potluck:

1. Instruct your friends to bring one type of something. Think one flower variety or type of foraged green from their garden, or mason jars for vases and garden shears from your non-gardener pals. Also, keeping in mind that this is a potluck, you may want to instruct your guests to bring one kind of dish as well.

2. As host, you’ll need to create an arranging buffet somewhere in your home or outside in your yard. A long table will work best to top with buckets to place the flowers, plus cold beverages for your guests. This space can double as your lunch table when you’ve finished sharing flowers and creating arrangements.

3. Embrace all of your friends’ offerings. Mixing and matching clusters of flowers and greens to create arrangements will yield the best results. Make sure you have enough materials for all of your guests to be able to take home a lovely flower bouquet in a pretty vase, like a jar.

4. When inviting guests, remind those who don’t do much gardening of their own that flowers can be found anywhere. Farmers’ markets, growing naturally in their backyard, the grocery store…the possibilities are endless.

5. During your party, arrange the bouquets first and eat after. This is one mess that will be too pretty to clean up as you dine. Set the lunch table with your finished bouquets and enjoy eating amongst them. The ambiance will be truly evocative of summer, and of something shared and created together among friends.

Have fun planning your own flower potluck this summer!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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