Flower Crowns Fit For Gardening Goddesses

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Image: grooble via Flickr

Have you ever seen that episode of Project Runway – the one where the designers must create looks for a garden party out of materials found in, well, a garden? They craftily construct garments out of leaves and flowers, and the results (despite Nina Garcia’s harsh critique) are stunning dresses made completely from plants.

Not all of us are so ambitious, but one accessory you can create more easily at home is a headband or crown made from flowers. What better time of year than summer to attend a party or picnic wearing a delicate, garden-inspired accessory?

Here are a few tips to help you construct your own leafy headpiece:

Screen shot 2556-08-01 at 14.04.12

Goldenrod is sturdy, and pretty.
Image: smilla4 via Flickr

Use plants that are pretty, but sturdy. Longer, durable stems with colorful buds will work well when manipulating them into a crown-shaped headpiece. Sea lavender is pretty and also strong, and plants like goldenrod appear delicate but can take a lot of twisting and weaving without snapping.

Think natural. The more wild and natural-looking your selection of flowers or plants, the bolder your headpiece will look. A flower crown by design is meant to be whimsical, so enjoy plucking stems from your own garden.

Be creative, and make it your own. If you like a simplistic, clean look, strip more leaves off of the stems you select. If you’re more drawn to a wild, less reserved style, keep a lot of leaves on, and add flowers with texture. The possibilities are endless when designing your own flower crown; you can choose to keep it simple, showcasing the sturdiest plants in your garden, or to go over the top with an adventurous crown.

Use natural-looking synthetic materials to hold it together. Twine and similar materials can be very helpful when constructing your crown. If you use flowers with stems too short for weaving, twine will allow you to form clusters of buds to fashion into a hair accessory.

Most importantly, have fun! This is a project meant to inspire creativity, personal style, and gardening fun. Help your kids create their own crowns to play outdoor dress-up in, or fashion a chic adult one for yourself for the next summer party you attend!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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