No Yard? No Problem! Houseplants Will Bring the Outdoors into Your Apartment

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Image: Justin Ennis via Flickr

New York City is notorious for offering very little in terms of living space. You’d be lucky to have a closet in your apartment, let alone a private yard or even a balcony. If city living has got you frustrated about your lack of green space, don’t forget about container gardening options!

Even the teeniest of apartments have room for potted plants, and if you’re lucky enough to have a fire escape or stoop for your plants then you also have access to hundreds of possibilities in container gardening. If you don’t, fear not! Many plants will still thrive indoors with little need for lots of sunlight, and the benefits of having plants are great. For one thing, leafy plants can bring a calming element to your home, as well as provide an attractive addition to any room. Did you know that houseplants also improve indoor air quality by filtering out compounds in the air and even capturing dust? It’s true!

Some studies have shown that people with houseplants tend to have calmer temperaments, have more energy, and less stress than those who don’t. They also make folks who enjoy gardening happy to be able to care for a plant, even if their apartment doesn’t allow them to have a private outdoor garden. Some plants that are known to thrive indoors (with minimal care and even in low light) include the Snake plant, the Cast Iron plant, Peace Lilies, the “Money Tree,” as well as many succulents.

Screen shot 2556-08-13 at 16.02.46

Even the smallest of spaces provide enough room for potted plants.
Image: Phil Dokas via Flickr

If you do have access to a lot of light in your apartment, you could definitely consider keeping more flowery houseplants, or even try to grow vegetables and herbs. Growing herbs like basil will not only bring a lovely aroma to your kitchen or balcony, but will be a tasty, fresh addition to your cooking! Another great thing about keeping houseplants is the containers you can put them in. Indoors, you are able to get creative, which means using unique plant holders that match your taste and decorative aesthetic. Think outside of the box! Why not use a small vintage suitcase, or woven baskets for your indoor container garden?

Do you have any other tips for keeping houseplants?


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