Sprout Home in Brooklyn

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Sprout Home specializes in hanging plants.
Image: sprouthomebrooklyn via Instagram

What a treat it is to spend an afternoon perusing one of your favorite flower shops, nurseries or community gardens. These places are havens for likeminded urban gardeners, and are designed to help transform your own space into a wondrous green hideaway. Sprout Home in Brooklyn is one of these treasures, and it’s here you’ll find everything you need to create (or improve!) your unique garden, and much more.

Sprout Home is one of New York Magazine’s “Critics’ Picks” for a great garden center, and one that also offers floral services, a variety of gifts for the home, furniture, and other artisanal products. The magazine explains, “Catering to the urban, artsy gardener, the roomy Brooklyn store has a cheery, lime-green wall and focuses on easy-to-maintain and unusual plants that can’t be found at a bodega or the Home Depot.” Sprout Home boasts a selection of organic soil, herbs, vegetables, seeds, natural pesticides, and an array of artisan products that range from hand-painted coasters to soap. The store has an in-house designer that creates customized arrangements, as well as offers services and on-site event consultations, sometimes free of charge.

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One of the shop’s beautiful arrangements.
Image: sprouthomebrooklyn via Instagram

The atmosphere is warm, friendly, helpful, and whimsical; Sprout Home is filled with treasures for an outdoor garden, as well as products for the home. The store specializes in having a large supply of materials for the avid apartment gardener, and an abundance of charming home décor accessories. Sprout Home offers services to large companies seeking floral arrangements or gardening expertise, as well as caters to private events like weddings, but the shop never feels too commercialized and large. Its space accommodates a large range of offerings, but it still feels like a cozy secret garden just waiting for you to come in and explore. Sprout Home is a wonderful addition to its Williamsburg neighborhood, offering classes, gardening advice, and a beautiful store to the community.

Visit Sprout Home Brooklyn’s official website for more information about their current shop offerings and upcoming classes.

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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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