Mum’s the Word

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Image: Rohan Singh via Flickr CC

When I was growing up, my mother’s favorite season for gardening and working on home improvement projects was autumn. At the first sign of leaves falling she’d come home from the market with corn stalks to line our front door with, plump, round pumpkins to carve, and of course, colorful, blossoming mums.

Chrysanthemums have always been a quintessential part of this season, don’t you think? Some would argue that these plants are a little overdone, or a poor answer to summer’s wondrous, delicate flowers, but for me, mums have always been magical, bold autumn staples.

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Look at those beautiful mums!
Image: Andrea_44 via Flickr CC

Better Homes and Gardens can sympathize with those who long for lasting summer flowers, but also praises mums for their versatility and fortitude. “Take heart,” encourages BHG, “for the fall garden offers all these [summertime] flower shapes from just one plant, the chrysanthemum.” Indeed, with their wide array of colors and blooms, mums can provide any yard (or garden, or stoop, or balcony) with a vibrant autumn makeover. BHG thinks that mums even like to show off a bit, calling them the “divas of the autumn garden,” because of the vast number of flowers that bloom on every plant.

Besides my nostalgic attachment to mums, I cannot deny that their long-lastingness is what makes these flowers so lovely. Blooms can endure weeks of increasingly chilly fall weather, creating gorgeous pops of color around your apartment, even after the last of the copper and gold-tinted leaves have fallen outside.

For tips on arranging and maintaining your autumn chrysanthemums, make sure to visit Better Homes and Gardens: All About Mums!

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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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