Autumn-Inspired Classes at the Brooklyn Brainery

Screen shot 2556-10-03 at 15.56.52Do you ever wish that you were a kid again, if nothing else but for the wondrous experience of sitting in a classroom and learning (okay, and maybe shamelessly rolling about in a pile of leaves)? Adults continue to learn new things on a daily basis, of course, but there is something so fun and so special about being a student in a classroom.

Screen shot 2556-10-03 at 23.09.00

Autumn has arrived in NYC!
Image: nybg via Instagram

Happily, there are many places in the city where you can take classes, and instead of being lectured on chemistry or American history, you can learn about flower arranging, or how to can your own vegetables, or how to identify your favorite foliage! This fall, the Brooklyn Brainery, a community-run education center based in Prospect Heights, is offering a number of classes, many with a seasonal theme. If you live in NYC, you know that there’s no time more beautiful than autumn in the city. Why not celebrate the gorgeous foliage and change of seasons by taking a class at the Brooklyn Brainery?

One of the Brainery’s upcoming class offerings include “Floral Design Project: Fruit Filled Vases,” a class designed to help you get creative and playful with your flower arrangements. Another is “Fall Floral Arrangements,” which will show students how to assemble festive fall bouquets, flower arrangements, and centerpieces for the upcoming holidays. Both classes are taught by florist Carly Cylinder, who provides nontraditional designs for weddings and events by using eco-friendly flowers. It’s here where you’ll have the chance to bring home a beautiful arrangement that you designed, meet some new folks from the neighborhood, and get the chance to learn something new.

Let fall be the time you awaken your inner child by playing in the leaves, enjoying the scenery, and taking a class or two. For more information about class offerings at the Brooklyn Brainery, visit their website.

About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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