Growing Trends in Companies Promoting Health and Wellness

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Forget lunch breaks! I want to work in the company garden during my 9-5 job!
Image: Mosman Council via Flickr CC

Paid sick days and a cushy company break-room might have been the perks that led you to your current job, but nowadays, many businesses are upping the ante in employer benefits. Can you imagine spending your lengthy lunch break tending a company garden? Bring fresh fruits and vegetables home to your family every night? Attending a yoga class that your company organized free of charge?

Health and fitness website recently published a detailed report of the 46 healthiest companies to work for. Here are some highlights from the remarkable list:

Twitter. Based in San Francisco, CA, Twitter “doesn’t skimp on the benefits to its employees.” Greatest lists on-site catered lunches and dinners, ample outdoor space to roam throughout the day, and a beautiful rooftop garden as facets of company culture that make Twitter such a great place to work. The company also offers other health and fitness benefits such as generous leave time, gym reimbursements, and weekly yoga classes.

NYCHA's first ever large-scale urban farm launched at Red Hook West. Image: Green NYCHA

Can you imagine having a garden like this to tend to during work breaks?
Image: Green NYCHA

Angie’s List. This company offers serious benefits to healthy-minded employees. For starters, $1,000 is given to any employee who quits smoking. Angie’s List also has an on-site employee garden, which offers education programs to help every employee maintain their own vegetable patch. Not only does the garden provide for employees, fostering a culture of healthy eating and community bonding, but any veggies that are left at the end of the week are donated to homeless shelters. Keith Krach, DocuSign’s CEO, serves as the Chairman of the Angie’s List Board of Directors and has referred to the company as “the gold standard of online consumer reviews.” It seems as if Angie’s List is also a leader in promoting health and wellbeing for its employees.

Wegmans. This grocery chain is as committed to providing organic, fresh food to its customers as it is to promoting health and wellness practices to its employees. Greatest explains how Wegmans has an “Eat Well, Live Well” website that provides employees with healthy tips, eating challenges, and information. Wegmans also offers fitness resources, excellent health and dental plans, paid time off, and professional development training.

Other companies that made the list for their healthy practices include General Electric, Google, General Mills, and Bright Horizons Family Solutions. I don’t know about you, but these healthy companies seriously made me change the way I think about employee benefits!

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