A DIY Project that will Transport You to Springtime

Image: via gardenista.com

Image: via gardenista.com by Erin Boyle

While perusing online gardening blogs and websites, my favorites always happen to be the ones that make me forget that it’s wintertime. Sure, there’s not a glimpse of greenery outside and the temperatures are darn cold, but there’s something so great about a project or article that transports you to the spring, when you can resume gardening under the warmth of the sun. As Erin Boyle of Gardenista explains, “Winter is the time of year when gardens in New York look their worst, but when hopes for their future are at an all-time high.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.25.30 PM

Image: via gardenista.com by Erin Boyle

After feeling that winter gardening itch, Boyle recently started a project that involves longevity, creativity, and a DIY sensibility. She constructed her own flower pots from newspaper and planted seeds that should start sprouting by springtime. She says, “It might be ambitious for a gal already sharing 240 precious square feet of space to also endeavor to start seeds in her apartment, but I’ve got big plans for my window box, and I wanted to try my hand at doing everything from scratch. This DIY project will help take your mind away from wintertime, and transport it to the promise of spring. Here are the instructions for Erin Boyle’s DIY Newspaper Pots for Seed Sprouting:

You’ll need:

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.32.08 PM

Image: via gardenista.com by Erin Boyle

Newspaper (avoid densely colored or shiny papers, since they could leach dyes into your soil)


Straight-sided glass

Potting soil

Seeds of your choice

Tray with a handle, such as a metal tool tray

First, unfold your newspaper and cut one sheet along its center, leaving you with a long, narrow half sheet. Fold this sheet in half lengthwise, and in half again, yielding one long, skinny strip of newspaper. Next, use your straight-sided glass to form a cylinder with the paper, and seal one side of your new paper cup by forcing the ends inward. This will serve as the bottom of your pot. Now, all you have to do is fill the pots with soil, plant the seeds, and arrange them in your tray!

What are your favorite wintertime gardening projects?


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