Valentine’s Day Flowers For Every Relationship

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.04.37 PMWhether you’re in a long-term, committed relationship, or if you and your sweetie are newly dating and your love is just starting to bloom, flowers are a Valentine’s Day gift that are universally beloved. Celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh, the chief floral designer for California-based The Bouqs Co., recently offered some advice to Refinery 29 about the most appropriate flowers for every relationship. If one dozen red roses seems too extravagant for your new girlfriend or boyfriend, let Buterbaugh help you select the perfect floral arrangement to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Here are his best tips:

Flowers for the casual couple. Buterbaugh explains, “For the couple that’s just hanging out, calla lilies say you care, without too many indefinite implications.” These stems are sweet and lighthearted, just like your budding relationship.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.04.59 PMFlowers for the infatuated lovers. “You really like this person, but don’t want to scare them away with red roses. Instead, send roses in another hue.” Maybe you’re newly official and you want to make a romantic gesture without being over-the-top. Roses in hues like soft pinks and peaches are a beautiful ode to your affection.

Flowers for the friend-with-benefits. If you’re just enjoying a casual fling with a friend, but still want them to know you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s day, give them a bouquet of wild flowers, or a mix of only two or three varietals. “The mixed bouquet is fairly generic, but will keep you out of trouble in the V-Day gifts department,” says Buterbaugh.

Flowers for The One. “There’s no other way to say ‘I love you’ and mean it that with red roses. Every time,” says Buterbaugh. Red roses may be the floral equivalent of lasting love, but don’t forget that if your one-and-only prefers a less romanticized aesthetic, there are plenty of more subdued bouquets to find.

Remember, when in doubt, ask the florist to assist you. You’ll find lots of prearranged bouquets at your local flower shop this Valentine’s Day, but putting in the extra effort with a custom arrangement or cluster of the perfect flower will be all the more meaningful.

What do you think of Buterbaugh’s floral tips?

Images: thebouqs via Instagram


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