Jennie Love’s Fresh Flowers

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Image: Love ‘n Fresh Flowers via Instagram

“We lose sight of seasons when we have ready access to produce, flowers, whatever it is,” says urban flower farmer Jennie Love. “But I think it’s really interesting to get back in touch with that cycle of growth.”

Love, the owner of Philadelphia’s Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, is dedicated to maintaining a relationship with her naturally cultivated flowers, and does so as a farmer florist. Farm-to-table extends way beyond produce and locally harvested food, and Love has been proving the value of urban-farmed flowers for the last few years as her business has grown. Growing up on a dairy farm in central Pennsylvania taught Love about the hardships and joy in farming; it was easy for her to return to her roots, with a modern twist.

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The farm’s greenhouse in winter.
Image: Love ‘n Fresh Flowers via Instagram

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers provides natural, locally grown flowers for weddings and events, as well as for private purchase. With every bouquet, Love is able to convey the importance of buying locally, supporting small businesses, and appreciating what’s in season, no matter the season. According to the Love ‘n Fresh Flowers philosophy, “We are enchanted by texture, variety and color. Especially texture. We believe that locally-grown flowers are amazingly and heartbreakingly beautiful. Especially those we grow ourselves. We love to embrace nature’s simple glory and design out flowers as if they were still growing in the filed.”

With a commitment to the hand-cultivated, handmade, and locally purveyed, Love and her team are supporting the wonderful trend in urban farming. Love ‘n Fresh Flowers has launched its own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, offers resources to help consumers find the best local options, and even provides workshops. Jennie Love’s commitment to urban farming and flowers is a beautiful example of the harmony that can exist between people and nature, even in an urban landscape.

Watch Jennie Love at work creating a beautiful, natural winter bouquet in this video from The New York Times.


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