Brooklyn’s Caffé Spina Marries Green with Caffeine

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At Caffé Spina, flowers and coffee go hand in hand.
Image: spina via Instagram

There’s a new flower shop in Brooklyn, and it’s unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Conceived by former financial adviser Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Caffé Spina is quickly becoming a Greenpoint staple, frequented by neighbors who are drawn to its unique concept. Half coffee shop and half florist boutique, its open layout, unpretentious flower display, and kind, genuine service is what has made Caffé Spina and Chinga-Haven’s vision so successful.

According to Gardenista’s Erin Boyle, “Vanessa never wanted the shop to have the feel of a traditional florist’s shop,” of the original vision for Caffé Spina, which was fully supported by acclaimed NYC floral designer Paul Diaz, who helped get the business on its feet. Instead of installing a traditional flower cooler, the café’s team visits the flower market several times a week to ensure fresh blossoms. The flowers are displayed more freely throughout the store this way, in lovely repurposed vases and mismatched platforms.

Chinga-Haven also keeps the plants fairly eclectic, sensibly selecting varietals that are the most Brooklyn apartment-friendly. “Hardy, low-light plants keep our customers happy,” she says of the handpicked houseplants she brings into the shop each week from Long Island nurseries. Caffé Spina’s coffee offerings are just as thoughtfully sourced as the rest of the shop’s flowers and décor. You’ll find a wide selection from the Blue Bottle Coffee company for in-shop sipping or to go, but with such a welcoming and lovely interior, I can’t imagine that you’d want to enjoy your coffee elsewhere.

In addition to providing coffee and flowers for Caffé Spina’s regulars, the shop offers a variety of home goods made by local artisans. From beautiful, delicate vases to candles, stationery, and chocolates, Caffé Spina offers an abundance of wonderful products that support Brooklyn’s local economy.

Peruse images, find directions, and learn more on Caffé Spina’s website.


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