Sage Advice: How to Make the Most of Fresh Herbs


How clever! Keep herbs fresh longer by freezing them.
Image: via Gardenista

We’ve all been there. You came home from the market with more fresh herbs that you know what to do with, only to watch the unused mint or sage wither away in the days that follow. Not all of us have the space to care for an array of fresh herbs at home, so if you’re going to bring home bunches of fresh marjoram, tarragon, or thyme from the market, you might as well be armed with tips on how to make your store-bought herbs last longer. Here are some creative, helpful tips from Gardenista:

Use salt to preserve fresh herbs. Image: via Gardenista

Use salt to preserve fresh herbs.
Image: via Gardenista


  • Store leftover herbs bouquet-style, in small vessels or vases. Not only will this storage technique look pretty, it will help keep your herbs fresh for longer.
  • Wrap your herbs to keep them fresh. Explains Gardenista, “Cut the stems of the herbs and wrap them in a damp paper towel and cloth. Tie the bundle together with twine and store in a cool place or in the refrigerator.” A pretty display and a functional storage practice.
  • Take leftover herb leaves and freeze them in ice cube trays. Kitchen shops carry those larger, 6-cube trays, and freezing fresh herbs inside them will make for a beautiful cocktail garnish, especially as the weather starts to heat up.
  • Salt the herbs. Really! “Cover the bottom of an airtight glass jar with a thick layer of salt,” explains Gardenista. “Continue until the container is full, making sure it is topped with a thick layer of salt. Close the jar and store in a cool, dark place.”
  • Another great way to keep herbs fresh for longer is to portion them out according to the recipes you plan to use them for. Once you have your bundles of herbs separated, fill small bottles and jars and keep in a cool, dry place.

Do you have any other tips for storing fresh herbs in creative ways?



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