Oakland’s FloraCultural Society Inspires Urbanites to ‘Rewild Their Lives’

floracultural society

One of the best things about contemporary trends in urban gardens and flower shops is the remarkable innovation that these public spaces exude. Philadelphia’s Jennie Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is changing the way that urbanites think about seasonal flower arrangements, and Brooklyn florists like Sprout Home and Caffé Spina are catering specifically to the urban gardener. These DIY-centric shops favor sustainability, uniqueness, and truly understand the needs of flora-devoted urbanites.

floracultural society

Image: floraculturasociety via Instagram

Another shop that is changing the way twenty-first century city folks purchase and experience flowers is the Oakland, California-based FloraCultural Society. “Rewild Your Life – Go In For Floral Mutiny” is the motto of urban gardener Anna Campbell’s new shop, a fitting slogan for a place that is all about (re)connecting urbanites to nature. “When Campbell moved to Oakland, she had dreams of opening a floral shop that would help her reconnect customers to nature,” explains Gardenista. “Happily, she found a small triangle of undeveloped land under a busy freeway overpass to establish an urban garden,” before opening up a delightful storefront in Old Oakland to see the flowers she cultivated in her triangle-shaped garden.

“Flowers are a botanical exploration and should smell, look and inspire you to approach them with fresh eyes and go so far as to inspire you to include botany in your everyday,” explains The FloraCultural Society of its philosophy. Through classes and events, the presence of its storefront and the urban flower farm, The FloraCultural Society hopes to inspire locals to incorporate nature into their daily lives. Encouraging urbanites to absorb botany in this exciting, approachable way is just one thing that makes The FloraCultural Society one of the leading innovators in modern flower shops.

Learn more at floraculturalsociety.com.

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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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