Urban Sproule Takes Salt Farming to the Roof

urban sproule

Sarah Sproule, saltmonger and sea salt innovator.

Sarah Sproule never set out to revolutionize the way that salt is created and enjoyed, but her new rooftop farm and retailer Urban Sproule is beginning to do just that. “What started as a fun experiment making local sea salt quickly became a full fledged rooftop salt farm,” she explains on her website. She calls her foray into salt-making “an experiment…gone right,” and has found immense success in the creation of New York’s first ever rooftop salt farm.

urban sprouleSarah Sproule’s Rooftop Raw and Local Sea Salt is a product that has been created with a lot of love and a tremendous amount of innovation. Frustrated with “the old fashioned way of gathering sea salt,” Sproule was determined to hand-make sea salt in an urban setting on her own terms. According to Urban Sproule’s website, the process of creating artisanal sea salt involved building a farm atop a Manhattan rooftop, which contains a small evaporation house with the capacity to hold 500 trays of sea water to be filtered. “Every tray is harvested by hand and the crystals are sun baked,” says Sproule. “Every salt crystal is grown and hand packaged in New York City.”

The hand crafted salt crystals that the burgeoning Saltmonger is talking about are nothing like ordinary table salt, however. Infused with locally sourced ingredients, Urban Sproule boasts lemon verbena, celery, grilled ramps, charred garlic scape, farmer’s herb, and even squid ink-infused sea salts. Not only are these salts created by using an incredibly inventive method, Sarah is dedicated to utilizing local ingredients, making them a locavore’s dream.

Learn more about the ways in which Sarah Sproule is innovating urban farming and sea salt production by visiting urbansproule.com.

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