Indoor Gardening Insights: How to Care for Air Plants

air plants

Image: Ciera Holzenthal via Flickr CC

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and are ideal for urban dwellers who want indoor plants that don’t require too much attention. According to Better Homes and Gardens, there are more than 650 types of these plants, and they are easy to care for and grow with little maintenance.

“These bromeliads get all of the water and nutrients they need through their specialized leaves,” explains BHG of why air plants are so easy to grow. Their roots are only used for attaching the plants to rocks, trees, and the ground, so as long as their leaves are cared for, these plants can thrive in terrariums or even on their own as a statement piece in a living area or bedroom.

air plants

Air plants make simple, elegant decorative additions to any apartment. / Image: Ciera Holzenthal via Flickr CC

If you’re new to caring for air plants, there are three main things to keep in mind: air circulation, heat, and moisture. Air plants, as unfussy as they are, need some moisture. BHG suggests misting them (using a spray bottle with a misting nozzle, as opposed to a watering can) once daily from late spring to mid-fall, and misting only once or twice a week in the wintertime. Additionally, even though air plants thrive in warmer climates, direct sunlight is not good for them. Protect your air plants from direct sunlight by keeping them in parts of your apartment where there is filtered natural light and partial shade, especially if they are a varietal that thrive in trees.

Perhaps most importantly, constant air circulation is necessary for keeping your air plant alive and happy. If you have an overhead fan, be sure to turn it on regularly, and keep windows open in the warmer months when appropriate. BHG notes that these plants are called “air plants” after all, which means that they will need continuous air circulation to remain healthy indoors.

For more helpful tips about how to grow air plants, check out this great article by Deb Wiley of Better Homes and Gardens.

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