Plants to Purify Your Home

A golden pothos plant in a mason jar.

Image: Golden Pothos | Shutterstock

You want your home to be a fulfilling, restful place. Some smartly-chosen greenery can not only provide a good feeling of relaxation but actually contribute to the health of your home through air purification. But which plants to choose? Here are some low-maintenance, low-stress plants to brighten and purify your home.

Aloe plants. The aloe plant is a magical plant in possession of many great qualities from sunburn relief to moisturizer, but the plant also visibly responds to air quality. Brown spots will appear on its leaves when there are too many nasty things like chemicals in the air.

English ivy. This delightful, wispy-looking plant is great at absorbing things like formaldehyde, which is often a component of synthetic carpet dyes and wood floorboard resins. It’s also a very easy plant to take care of as it doesn’t need a whole lot of sunlight to be happy. Even NASA recommends that you get one.

Peace lilies. These pretty little flowers are superstars at filtering toxins from the air. The peace lily blooms year round and removes VOC benzene, a carcinogen, and acetone, which is emitted by electronics, adhesives, and some kinds of cleaners. But be warned about this one: though it only requires low light and water once a week, the peace lily is dangerous to pets.

Lady palms. This pretty lady looks like the very miniature palm tree it is. It takes a while for them to grow, but the lady palm’s expertise is in ridding the air of ammonia, which is harmful to the lungs and respiratory system and is often found in ordinary cleaners and textiles. Yuck!

Snake plants. These slithery-looking plants, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue (we did not choose that name), doesn’t need much light at all. Additionally, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night as well as in the day, making it a little different from other plants. This plant will boost the oxygen in your house while you sleep as well as rid air of formaldehyde.

Golden pothos. Like a few other plants on this list, the golden pothos, a simple leafy green creature, is also great at ridding the air of formaldehyde. These guys are happy with limited warmth and light.

Get planting! You’ll notice the difference.

About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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