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Easy Ways to Improve Your Homemade Coffee

Everyone loves coffee, but most people don’t like the price tag that goes along with treating yourself to a fancy coffee from a high-end coffee shop. Instead, many people choose to brew their own at home. In our bleary-eyed morning … Continue reading

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Umami, the Savory Flavor

In elementary school we all learn about the basic flavors our tongue can taste: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Recently we have learned about another flavor called umami. This flavor has been translated from Japanese as a yummy savory taste. … Continue reading

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East 25th Street in Flatbush Spreads the Garden Love

If you walk down East 25th Street, between Clarendon Road and Avenue D in Brooklyn, the first thing you’ll notice is that the streets are lined with a lush array of flowers, shrubs, and gardens. In August 2016, the block … Continue reading

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July Was Hot, But Things Are Going to Get Hotter

Everybody noticed how hot July was. According to NASA, it was the hottest July ever recorded, going back as far as we’ve been recording temperatures and other weather data (about 200 years or so). Not only that, but this year … Continue reading

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Pickling: An Easy Way to Preserve Your Favorite Veggies

We’re all familiar with pickles—cucumbers preserved in brine with dill and some other spices. But you can pickle almost any vegetable, from asparagus to zucchini, and make the most of the work you did in your garden or the veggies … Continue reading

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