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How You Can Use Coffee Grounds for Agriculture and Your Household

Americans love coffee. One could even say that it fuels us. Many of us choose to make our delicious coffee at home instead of paying high prices for store-bought lattes. This means we are left with coffee filters full of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Urban Farming

Food production is an important part of our existence as humans, but the traditional definition of farming conjures up images of rolling wheat fields and large fields of fruit trees. As the population of the world grows and cities occupy … Continue reading

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Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Many gardeners dread the winter months: no digging in the garden, significantly less fresh local produce, and very few fresh herbs. But the good news is that even if you don’t have an indoor greenhouse, you don’t have to give … Continue reading

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Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors

In hot climates, succulents grow more easily than grass. In climates with colder winters, this can present quite an obstacle for those who love succulents. Succulents do need to go through a dormant period in order to thrive and grow … Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture Saving Lives in Besieged Aleppo

The ongoing civil war in Syria has been devastating for the city of Aleppo, currently held by rebel forces and besieged by the government. After the September ceasefire fell apart, it has gotten progressively harder to feed the people of … Continue reading

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