Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors

You can easily grow succulents in your home by following these tips.

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In hot climates, succulents grow more easily than grass. In climates with colder winters, this can present quite an obstacle for those who love succulents. Succulents do need to go through a dormant period in order to thrive and grow each spring and summer, but the extreme cold in many places kills succulents left outdoors without cover or protection. Instead, the succulents will need to be brought inside. This presents its own set of issues. Follow these three tips to make sure that your succulents thrive inside as well.

Give them plenty of bright light. Succulents need around six hours of sun per day. They should be placed very close to windows, although not so close that they will get burned by the sun coming through the glass. Eastern and southern windows are ideal. Keep in mind that if they aren’t getting enough light the plants will start to stretch. If they start to stretch, you can take the top off and use it as a starter for another one.

Water them properly. The reason most people kill succulents is by watering them improperly. It’s not just a problem with overwatering, it’s that the succulents need to have time for their roots to dry after being watered. Succulents store water in their leaves, and soaked roots need to be allowed to dry out entirely before watering them again. If the roots are never allowed to dry, the plant will die. On the other hand, if the roots are never soaked, the plants will die too. This is why spraying succulents daily is unsuccessful.

Signs that your succulents need watering are shrinking or puckering leaves, or normally shiny leaves that appear dull.

Drainage is key. The pots you use for your succulents must have a hole in the bottom. If there is no hole, water remains in the bottom of the container and soaks the roots. Succulents are sensitive to air flow. Don’t water your succulents unless the dirt is dry two inches down into the container.

With these three tips, you should be able to successfully maintain succulents in your apartment.


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