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Community Gardens: The Good, the Bad, and the Drama

While perusing some of my favorite gardening blogs, I stumbled upon this article, “Why I would be kicked out of a community garden” by gardener and writer Elizabeth Licata. The entry provided me with many laughs, as well as got … Continue reading

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Sprout Home in Brooklyn

What a treat it is to spend an afternoon perusing one of your favorite flower shops, nurseries or community gardens. These places are havens for likeminded urban gardeners, and are designed to help transform your own space into a wondrous … Continue reading

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GreenThumb: A Wealth of Resources Is Only a Click Away

Today I want to share a resource that every urban gardener in New York City ought to know about: GreenThumb. GreenThumb started as a solution to the enormous number of vacant lots in NYC during the 1970s – properties that … Continue reading

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From vacant lot to neighborhood nexus

Do you have a vacant lot in your neighborhood? Have you said to yourself, “What a shame….there must be some way to put this space to use”? Maybe you’ve coincidentally also longed for a clear patch of earth to plant … Continue reading

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Urban gardens sprout from subsidized housing

Developers of affordable housing across New York City are leading the pack when it comes to installing urban gardens on rooftops, according to an article in this week’s New York Times Real Estate section. The article mentioned three properties around … Continue reading

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GreenNYCHA and the New York City Housing Authority: 50 years of urban gardens

Spring is officially here, and it’s the perfect time to dive into that next gardening project, whether that means clearing away those winter blankets of mulch or breaking new ground to replace old concrete with fresh green space. If you … Continue reading

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