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Is “Vertical Farming” the Next Big Urban Innovation?

It’s already a thing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the Midwest, but will it catch on in America’s cities? Vertical farming, the art of growing crops on the sides of roofs or buildings, or even inside buildings in large cities, … Continue reading

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Three Good Reasons to Visit the Botanical Garden Before Summer’s End

The New York Botanical Garden, with its more than 250 acres and leading plant laboratories, is one of the most prominent gardens in the United States and abroad. The garden, located in the Bronx area of New York City attracts … Continue reading

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Community Gardens: The Good, the Bad, and the Drama

While perusing some of my favorite gardening blogs, I stumbled upon this article, “Why I would be kicked out of a community garden” by gardener and writer Elizabeth Licata. The entry provided me with many laughs, as well as got … Continue reading

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Flower Crowns Fit For Gardening Goddesses

Have you ever seen that episode of Project Runway – the one where the designers must create looks for a garden party out of materials found in, well, a garden? They craftily construct garments out of leaves and flowers, and … Continue reading

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A Whimsical New Play Space for Children…Right in Your Backyard

If you’re the kind of gardener who finds inspiration, tranquility, and true happiness in the garden sanctuary you’ve created at home, then you’re probably not too fond of those clunky, generic, plastic child’s playhouses. You want your kids to be … Continue reading

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The Book That Will Inspire Your Own Cocktail Garden

Bestselling author Amy Stewart is at it again. The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create The World’s Great Drinks, is her greatly anticipated sixth book, and another New York Times Bestseller. The book combines Stewart’s lifelong interests in both botany … Continue reading

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Before You Grow, Consider

Here’s one for the first-time gardeners. If you’re interested in gardening—either for produce or simply for beauty—you’re probably beginning to realize that the time is nigh for getting things going. Spring has arrived, and in many places that means the … Continue reading

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Great Gardening Apps

As we prepare for spring gardening, most of us have a lot on our minds: what to plant, how to plant it, where to plant it, how to care for it, how to avoid pests… the list goes on and … Continue reading

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Cleveland’s Concrete Gardening Causing Awareness In City

By T-Boye Doe, Contributing Writer T-Boye Doe is a new contributing writer for Community Arts NYC. T-Boye Doe is a thirty-something year old independent film-maker from Brooklyn, New York, and is one of our New York based writers. Check out his … Continue reading

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Fairy Gardens

Everyone has their own style when it comes to gardening. Some like to keep it clean and pruned, while others may like a “wild” looking green space instead. There are those that like collecting figurines such as garden gnomes, and … Continue reading

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