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USDA Funds Make Shipping Containers into Flourishing Urban Gardens

Did you know that every year, the US Department of Agriculture sends millions of dollars to rural farmers? It’s not just the countryside that’s benefitting from this funding these days, though. Increasingly, the USDA offers financial assistance to urban farming … Continue reading

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Gardens on the Roof: The Spread of Urban Gardening

In the last 10 or 15 years, there’s been a definite increase in the number of active urban gardens in the United States. Whether on a city rooftop or a vacant plot of land, urban gardens do more than just make … Continue reading

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How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Balcony or Backyard

Hummingbirds are among the most beautiful wild birds in North America. Some cultures even consider them an omen of happiness. On a more practical level, they eat insects like mosquitoes and, along with bees and butterflies, are pollinators crucial to … Continue reading

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Backyards Chickens: Easier Than You’d Think

As people are learning more and more about where food comes from, there has been a greater focus on the wellbeing of the animals that produce our food. It has become increasingly popular for people to raise their own chickens. … Continue reading

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Gardening for Small Spaces

If you live in an apartment, and especially in an apartment in a big city like New York, there just isn’t always space for gardening. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do any gardening or growing! There are plenty of … Continue reading

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Tips to Conquer Your Small Deck Blues

Has your small deck or limited backyard area got you feeling down? You aren’t alone! Even the most imaginative and resourceful of gardeners have difficulty envisioning how to transform their teeny tiny living spaces into a green sanctuary. Happily, there … Continue reading

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It Takes a Whole City: How Urban Gardening Can Improve Your Neighborhood

New York City, with its rows of skyscrapers and miles of dense concrete and brick buildings, might seem like that last place where a culture of urban gardeners would thrive. Surprisingly, now more than ever the presence of urban agriculturalists … Continue reading

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Adult Gardening Classes in NYC

For New Yorkers looking to get their hands dirty with a little container gardening this spring, help isn’t far away. We’ve talked a lot about container gardening here at Urban Gardens, but sometimes it’s nice to have some hands-on training. … Continue reading

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Why To Try Vertical Vegetable Gardening

As an urban dweller, I’m constantly looking for ways to grow more without taking up more space. Square foot gardening, gutter gardening, and raised beds are all great ways to do this—but sometimes that’s still not enough. Sprawling plants like … Continue reading

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How to create a self-watering planter from scratch

By Devon Johnson, Contributing Writer Devon Johnson is a new contributing writer for Urban Gardens NYC.  Devon grew up in Brooklyn in NYCHA’s Marcy Development, and is one of our New York based writers. Read his introductory post here. Hey my … Continue reading

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