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Urban Agriculture Saving Lives in Besieged Aleppo

The ongoing civil war in Syria has been devastating for the city of Aleppo, currently held by rebel forces and besieged by the government. After the September ceasefire fell apart, it has gotten progressively harder to feed the people of … Continue reading

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Is “Vertical Farming” the Next Big Urban Innovation?

It’s already a thing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the Midwest, but will it catch on in America’s cities? Vertical farming, the art of growing crops on the sides of roofs or buildings, or even inside buildings in large cities, … Continue reading

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It Takes a Whole City: How Urban Gardening Can Improve Your Neighborhood

New York City, with its rows of skyscrapers and miles of dense concrete and brick buildings, might seem like that last place where a culture of urban gardeners would thrive. Surprisingly, now more than ever the presence of urban agriculturalists … Continue reading

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Urban Farms Found in NYC

Here at Urban Gardens NYC, we’ve already written about a couple of New York City’s urban Farms, including the Brooklyn Grange. However, this seemed like a good opportunity to take stock of the farming landscape around the city. In some … Continue reading

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Urban Farming in the American Zeitgeist

NPR’s May 18th Talk of the Nation segment focuses on urban agriculture, and offers an interview with the founder of Philadelphia’s Greensgrow Farm. While not as old as Queens County Farm, Greensgrow is still historically significant because it was created … Continue reading

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Fire escape gardens decorate (and feed) NYC

I’ve become fascinated by the fire escape gardens in NYC, and decided to do some research on the popular guerruilla gardening technique. These tiny jungles outside the windows of city dwellers are really nothing new – they’ve existed as long … Continue reading

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Rooftop garden glory in Brooklyn

While my last post discussed rooftop agriculture on a residential scale, I’ve followed the NY Times breadcrumb trail and stumbled upon a phenomenally larger version of these elevated farms. Apparently Brooklyn is on its way to sustainability stardom, with construction … Continue reading

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Urban gardens sprout from subsidized housing

Developers of affordable housing across New York City are leading the pack when it comes to installing urban gardens on rooftops, according to an article in this week’s New York Times Real Estate section. The article mentioned three properties around … Continue reading

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