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Gardens on the Roof: The Spread of Urban Gardening

In the last 10 or 15 years, there’s been a definite increase in the number of active urban gardens in the United States. Whether on a city rooftop or a vacant plot of land, urban gardens do more than just make … Continue reading

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The Importance of Urban Farming

Food production is an important part of our existence as humans, but the traditional definition of farming conjures up images of rolling wheat fields and large fields of fruit trees. As the population of the world grows and cities occupy … Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture Saving Lives in Besieged Aleppo

The ongoing civil war in Syria has been devastating for the city of Aleppo, currently held by rebel forces and besieged by the government. After the September ceasefire fell apart, it has gotten progressively harder to feed the people of … Continue reading

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Backyards Chickens: Easier Than You’d Think

As people are learning more and more about where food comes from, there has been a greater focus on the wellbeing of the animals that produce our food. It has become increasingly popular for people to raise their own chickens. … Continue reading

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Space Farming: The Ultimate in Urban Farming

If you thought urban farming was a challenge, imagine the idea of space farming. The idea of sending a manned mission to Mars is increasingly realistic, so much so that NASA thinks they can make it happen within the next … Continue reading

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July Was Hot, But Things Are Going to Get Hotter

Everybody noticed how hot July was. According to NASA, it was the hottest July ever recorded, going back as far as we’ve been recording temperatures and other weather data (about 200 years or so). Not only that, but this year … Continue reading

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Is “Vertical Farming” the Next Big Urban Innovation?

It’s already a thing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the Midwest, but will it catch on in America’s cities? Vertical farming, the art of growing crops on the sides of roofs or buildings, or even inside buildings in large cities, … Continue reading

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Urban Sproule Takes Salt Farming to the Roof

Sarah Sproule never set out to revolutionize the way that salt is created and enjoyed, but her new rooftop farm and retailer Urban Sproule is beginning to do just that. “What started as a fun experiment making local sea salt … Continue reading

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Jennie Love’s Fresh Flowers

“We lose sight of seasons when we have ready access to produce, flowers, whatever it is,” says urban flower farmer Jennie Love. “But I think it’s really interesting to get back in touch with that cycle of growth.” Love, the … Continue reading

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Was 2013 a Bad Year for Community Gardens?

Gothamist contributor Christopher Robbins recently asserted how “2013 was not kind to community gardens.” This claim was preceded by a story about how bulldozers ravaged and decimated the informally run but beloved Coney Island community garden earlier this month. For … Continue reading

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