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How to create a self-watering planter from scratch

By Devon Johnson, Contributing Writer Devon Johnson is a new contributing writer for Urban Gardens NYC.  Devon grew up in Brooklyn in NYCHA’s Marcy Development, and is one of our New York based writers. Read his introductory post here. Hey my … Continue reading

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Growing Garlic at Home

How often have you pulled a clove of garlic from the bulb only to find that a tiny green sprout is sticking out of the top? Or perhaps you cut into a clove to find that the inside is a … Continue reading

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GreenNYCHA and NYCHA Journal Spotlight Their Resident Gardeners

A couple months ago, I wrote a post recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the New York City Housing Authority’s Garden and Greening Program. Ever since then, I’ve been a regular visitor to the NYCHA website, and I make sure to … Continue reading

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Farm land in New York City – no kidding!

History and urban agriculture come together at the Queens County Farm Museum, and it’s incredible and inspiring. Spanning 47 acres, this magnificently preserved working farm is the biggest undisturbed agricultural area in New York City, and it has been operating … Continue reading

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Fire escape gardens decorate (and feed) NYC

I’ve become fascinated by the fire escape gardens in NYC, and decided to do some research on the popular guerruilla gardening technique. These tiny jungles outside the windows of city dwellers are really nothing new – they’ve existed as long … Continue reading

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NYCHA Resident Green Committees (RGCs) fight for a greener NYC

Urban gardens need evangelists, enthusiastic advocates who not only get others excited about the possibility of gardening in the city, but are willing to do the hard work associated with coaxing plants from concrete. Residents living in New York City … Continue reading

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GreenNYCHA and Mr. Peanut bring another urban garden to Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Urban gardens are garnering big time support not only from individual residents, but from major public and private organizations. In October, Planters brought its “Naturally Remarkable” program to New York City in a partnership with the New York City Housing … Continue reading

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From vacant lot to neighborhood nexus

Do you have a vacant lot in your neighborhood? Have you said to yourself, “What a shame….there must be some way to put this space to use”? Maybe you’ve coincidentally also longed for a clear patch of earth to plant … Continue reading

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Rooftop garden glory in Brooklyn

While my last post discussed rooftop agriculture on a residential scale, I’ve followed the NY Times breadcrumb trail and stumbled upon a phenomenally larger version of these elevated farms. Apparently Brooklyn is on its way to sustainability stardom, with construction … Continue reading

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